Rebel Diaries

Season 2 End and Season 3 Announcement

May 15, 2023 Scott Fulton Season 2 Episode 56
Rebel Diaries
Season 2 End and Season 3 Announcement
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Rebel Diaries is taking a week's break in preparation for season 3.

The show now has 55 episodes and 2 seasons under its belt and has just turned a year old. 

The show will return next week on Monday 22nd of May with season 3. 

You will continue to hear from a mixture of great guests and content from the host Scott Fulton all focused on helping you achieve more at work and enjoy it at the same time. 

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[00:00:00] Scott: Hi, I'm Scott Fulton, the host of the Rebel Diaries podcast. This show will help you learn how to make work better for you, your colleagues and the organization you work for. I believe the modern workplace is broken for too many people with leaders and their teams, drowning in corporate complexity, information overload, and unnecessary levels of stress. 

[00:00:18] Scott: Having spent over 20 years leading disruptive high-performing teams who have won international awards for their impact. I've now dedicated my career to helping coach and train leaders and teams to deliver more value and impact at work whilst reducing the risk of burnout, overload, and wasted effort. 

[00:00:34] Scott: This podcast is dedicated to you and thousands like you who know work can and should be better.

[00:00:39] Scott: You'll get tips and insights from me as well as the amazing guests I invite to be the show, many of them have disrupted their industries and are thought leaders, speakers, and authors who have fascinating stories and advice to share. 

[00:00:50] Scott: Thank you for listening. I'm Scott Fulton and welcome to the Rebel Diaries show. 

Hi listeners. I'm taking a week off and it's not, you it's me. I know after 55 straight episodes and over a year running I'm announcing season two is ending and season three will return next week on Monday the 22nd of May. 

While I've got you here. I'd just like to thank all my listeners for sticking with the show and sharing it with your colleagues and friends. I set out to give you a show that gives you insights and value every week, either from me or my guests. Without the response from you, the listeners, I wouldn't have been able to keep the show running this long. 

I'm really excited for season three and to keep giving you that value. If you listen to other podcasts, you'll know that many have advertising. I've chosen so far not to go down that route. This podcast was never about making money. It doesn't make me any money. And in fact, it costs me over 500 pounds a year to run. 

So I do have a small request to make while I've got you here. If you get value from the show. And would like to help out with the running costs. You can make a small donation using the link in the show notes, titled support the show. You will also find an icon at the top of the website at 

Which will also take you to a donation page. If you don't want to, that's totally fine as well. 

Thank you again for being a listener and I'll catch you next week. Keep spreading the word and keep listening wherever you get your podcast. Bye for now.