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Liu Liu - Working With Cross Cultural Teams

March 06, 2023 Liu Liu Season 2 Episode 46
Rebel Diaries
Liu Liu - Working With Cross Cultural Teams
Show Notes

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Liu Liu is a coach and manager with decades of experience, as a Cross-Cultural Intelligence Coach who specializes in helping international organizations and businesses to improve communications and cooperation among staff for better individual and team performance. He coaches managers and leaders working in a cross-cultural context to build trust, communicate effectively, and deliver results. He also coaches people on management, leadership, and career development. He is someone who helps you to imagine a greater possibility for yourself and supports you in achieving it.

What Scott discusses with Liu Liu

  • How being an immigrant from China meant he had to essentially start his career progression from scratch
  • How he did a degree whilst working in the post room
  • How he is now managing an international team working in 50 countries in the same company he started in
  •  Cross Cultural Communication Vs Cross Cultural Intelligence
  • How different cultures build trust when they first meet to do work together
  • How different cultures see punctuality as either important or not important for business meetings
  • Lenient time vs flexible time 
  • Guild Culture vs Shame Culture
  • And much more...

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